Natural timber characteristics (such as knots and imperfections), timber grain, saw marks and the true colour of wood are all captured in these realistic, embossed planks, which come with a subtle bevelled edge.

With recent advancements in technology, a good laminate floor can be hard to tell apart from the real thing. Laminate flooring is a cost-effective choice for those who want the look and feel of real timber but want a durable floor at a fraction of the price. Made up of 4 layers fused together plus 3 coatings, laminate floors are hard-wearing, scratch-resistant resistant and easy to maintain – simply vacuum and wipe clean. Our laminates are fade resistant, an important factor with New Zealand’s harsh UV conditions. Being water resistant, they are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other wet areas where spills can occur – see E3 regulations.

A low- maintenance, hassle-free option.

Laminate floors are floated over a subfloor and can have a 2mm underlay in between, for noise reduction. They come with their own range of finishing bars – for where they meet carpet or tiles, for thresholds at doors and for stair treads. They are ready to walk on immediately after installation, though we would recommend that they are protected from other tradespeople until the building process has been completed.


We offer a wide range of Swedish-designed / Belgian-made, matt finish laminate boards in different widths, colours and wood-look types – from feature (with filled knots and cracks, as well as saw marks) all the way through to clear. Each pack contains several boards with a number of unique board patterns, ultimately forming a repeat. Please arrange a time to view these in our showroom.

Laminate Flooring Board Construction



1.  Superior wear and scratch-resistance coating


2.  Timber image


3.  Impact-resistance layer


4.  Moisture-resistant HDF core


5.  Back stabiliser

Laminate Flooring Gallery

Photo and Sample Disclaimer: The photos on this website and samples lent to you by Swinard Wooden Floors are provided as a guide only. Please remember that photographic colour may vary from the actual product due to translation and reproduction limitations. As a floor is made up of many laminate boards there will be more variations in grain and colour than can be shown in either a photograph or sample.  Character variations are to be expected.

Environmentally Aware:

80% of the content of these products consists of wood surplus from the wood industry. Only renewable wood products, such as pine and spruce, are used – not exotic species nor timber from rainforests. In addition to this, the reduction and re-use of resources is carefully considered during the production – such as thermal energy and the recycling of all wood waste to heat production facilities. They are the first flooring manufacturer to receive the Nordic Swan ecolabel, certifying that these products are a good environmental choice. They also have been awarded the EU Ecolabel for Environmental Excellence – awarded to products that meet high environmental standards throughout their life cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal.




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